To join the registerBG, you need to fill in the form below. If you need more information, you can use our Contact Us page or call +35989 333 4939, +359889 440 957.

Each page in registerBG can perform differently, such as – A starting photo of a page can be a slideshow of up to 8 photos or a single but full screen. Also, the photo that appears on the site may be different from the original, and why not your logo.

What registerBG offers you

– Page in Bulgarian and English
– Your location on Google Maps + Button, Route for direct navigation to you + Map of your account
– SEO Optimization for your page, thus you will receive a benign rating from Google
– Main Gallery / up to 8 photos / or a snapshot
– Contact information, phone, e-mail, link to your site and exact address
– Gallery in the description section up to 30 photos
– Counter of visits to your pages
– Links to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn pages
– Put Video in your account and add to our YouTube channel, which adds even more to your popularity
– A detailed description of the business or service activity, which can be customized to your liking
– Sign up for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask
– Registration in the 10 popular Bulgarian directories